How to Conceive Desired Gender Baby? Boy? Girl? Twins?

How to Conceive Desired Gender Baby? Boy? Girl? Twins?

Baby gender is decided by men’s sperm. Sperm cell with X chromosome will produce girls and when egg is fertilized by sperm cell with Y chromosome, a baby boy is born.

The only SURE WAY for desired-sex baby is IVF treatment with PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis).

Women’s eggs fertilized by men sperm become embryos. Five days after fertilization embryos are ready for transfer into women uterus to continue growth and development (pregnancy time) and to become a baby. PGD identifies gender of the embryos and PGD selects best embryo of desired sex (boy or girl) for implantation.

Gender-selection insemination and natural gender selection are based science combined with people believes and NOT a SURE THING.

Please, enjoy examples of Natural Gender Selection:

  1. Older men conceive boys more often
  2. Women with lower blood pressure have more girls
  3. Intercourse timed at ovulation is to conceive a boy since Boy Sperm (Y) is faster to reach egg. Intercourse 3- 4 days before ovulation allows longer- surviving Girl Sperm (X) to wait for egg to drop (ovulation) and conceive baby girl
  4. Special diet started 3- 4 months before conception may help with gender selection. Food rich in sodium (salted food) bacon, meats, chili and with high potassium (potatoes, coffee) helps to have a boy. Avoid salt and high potassium food to conceive girl
  5. Food rich in calcium (milk and milk products) and magnesium (almonds, cashew nuts) will increase chance for a girl
  6. More often twins are born to women with African/American background, twin family history, older age (over 35), over 5’ 5’’ in height and obesity
  7. Twin conception is supported by folic acid rich (greens, broccoli, seafood, peanuts) started 3 months before trying
  8. Boys’ conception increases from September to November, while best conception months to have girl are May and June

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